Consumers who do not have access to the internet make use of the Telkom directory enquiry 1023 call centre by phoning 1023 for information. They also make use of the free printed Telkom Phone Books and free printed Yellow Pages.

We promote your business in these three Telkom products because Telkom has 60 year legacy of advertising. Telkom is a well known brand that consumers have confidence in using. We ensure that your information is listed correctly and cost effectively, by using our 30 years of experience in the industry, to manage your listings. We have insight, experience and intimate knowledge of Telkom’s billing system on the costs relating to the information listed in these three Telkom products. We use this knowledge to reduce your expenditure without reducing your exposure. We are independent agents who work for you, our client, and not for Telkom or Trudon. We have our clients interests at heart and not those of Telkom. Telkom is the majority shareholder of Trudon, which means that Trudons “free advice” is in Telkoms best interests. They are not independent from Telkom, which can be considered to be a conflict of interests.

Please note that we no longer offer the service of managing your company information on Telkom’s 10-11-8 operator assisted Yellow Pages voice services. Despite Trudon still currently advertising this product, it has not been in use since the pandemic started in March 2020. Should they resume this service, then likewise we will again offer our services on managing your details on 10-11-8.