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We have a 30 year legacy of assisting businesses with their advertising in the Telkom media.

As experienced intermediaries we have insight, experience and intimate knowledge of Telkom’s billing system on the costs relating to the clients listings.

We eliminate any unnecessary charges on their telephone accounts relating to our clients listings.

Telkom Yellow Pages

Official printed Telkom Directory of classified advertisements for all business subscribers. 3.9 million books are published and distributed free each year throughout South Africa

Telkom 1023 directory enquiries call centre

Telkom's 1023 directory enquiries call centre is used by consumers to make enquiries about businesses, by phoning 1023

Telkom Telephone Directory

Official Telkom directory of alphabetical listings for all business subscribers. 4.2 million books are published and distributed free each year, throughout South Africa.

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Our Services

  • We promote your business in various different Telkom media.
  • Once we have updated your company details telephonically, we type up the information accordingly.
  • Each of the Telkom products (Phone book, Yellow Pages and 1023) have different rules and regulations per product, relating to the costs of the entries.
  • We type up your company details specific to the required Telkom product and the costs of those entries. This eliminates unnecessary charges on your telephone account for all your Telkom advertising.
  • The proofs are then submitted by us for implementation.

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About Us

Why you need Telephone Enquiries?

                  1991-2021 (30 years of service excellence)

We have 30 years experience as intermediaries between our clients and Trudon (previously Maister Directories), who facilitate the placement of our client’s company details in the Telkom telephone directories, Telkom Yellow Pages and Telkom directory enquiries 1023.

Our knowledge on Telkom’s billing structure relating to the entries in the Telkom Yellow Pages, Telkom telephone book and the 1023 system, enables us to reduce that billing on our clients telephone accounts.

We send our clients typed proofs of their listings for the Telkom products for their verification, before submissions, to ensure the accuracy of their information.

Our services ensure that our clients advertising in the Telkom media is correct and up to date, as well as it not attracting unnecessary charges on their phone bills.


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Our Mission

To help your company grow by increasing the awareness of your business, through the tried and tested platform of the Telkom media. To ensure that this effective form of advertising is affordable to you.
Mrs Roberta Sampson


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Clients needs analysis

We go through the various products with ours clients to see which one will benefit their business the most and how much information they need the public to have access to.

Company Information

We update our clients information, in the Telkom directories and on Telkom’s 1023 call centre. This information is typed up in a cost effective manner which reduces our clients expenditure without reducing their exposure.

Deliver Results

Our services culminate in our clients advertising in the Telkom media, being correct and cost effective.



Our answers to your problems

Our clients information which is advertised on the Telkom Directory Enquiries 1023 call centre is updated by us and given out by the operators within 10 days of our submissions. All correct updated information which has been typed up by us and verified by our clients, is submitted timeously for them to be published correctly in the phone books and in the Yellow Pages.

After telephonically updating our clients details and sending typed up proofs for verification to them, we submit those authorized proofs for processing, after authorization has taken place.

Consultation fee:

1023                  = R 2 468.00 per year

Phone book    = R 2 492.00 per year

Yellow Pages  = R 2 499.00 per year

Upon request, we provide our clients with copies of our submissions, of their authorized proofs.

Our clients company details are our business and our business is to monitor and maintain those details on the various different Telkom media platforms, on a regular basis.


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Mrs Beverley Goosen
Sales Manager
Mrs Roberta Sampson
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